New Treatment Support at Renascent for Women with Food Addiction

Struggling with a food addiction?
Need help detoxifying from sugar and flour?
Has junk food replaced cocaine or alcohol as your new compulsion?

Renascent’s Food Addiction program may be exactly what you need. Starting November 2017, Renascent will be opening its doors to help to the suffering food addict. Using an addiction approach, this unique program is more than just a way to loose weight or treat an eating disorder though both of these issues will be addressed.

Eligible clients will participate in Renascent’s highly effective addictions treatment program, receiving specialized menus designed by a credentialed dietician to support detox and reduce food cravings. Clients will also access specialized education, group and individual counselling to build a sustainable recovery program that acknowledges the role sugar, flour, grains and healthy eating plays in recovery.

At minimal cost, Clients can participate in Renascent’s 28-day or 35-day addiction treatment programs, which include 15 weeks of ongoing structured relapse prevention and family support.

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  1. I am so excited about Renascent’s new food addiction recovery program but frustrated that according to OHIP guidelines, you must have another substance abuse issue to qualify. I desperately need this program. Is there anything we can do to work on changing OHIP regulation to make food addiction a recognized substance abuse problem on its own? Would it help to write to our MPs, MPPS, etc………If so, who does one contact? Perhaps with the new liberal government, we will see this change happen. One can only hope.

    • Dr. Vera Tarman says:

      Are you aware that we have opened up the criteria of our pilot to now include people suffering ONLY food addiction? Please call again and try to get in.

      • Oh wow, so excited and grateful that this program for food addiction exists. Left a vmsg and hope to hear back about assessment for intake soon.

  2. This program is incredible. Please, do not struggle alone for one more minute. Call now and be restored to sanity.

  3. I spoke with a counsellor at the centre last week about a program. She noted there were no programs specific to food addiction alone. Please please please create a program for those with sugar addiction. Added to this I am on the East Coast, and there is unfortunately an overabundance of food addicts (along with a myriad of other addictions). There are people out there who would so benefit from such a detox and support program. Dr. Tarman I would love to be part of the food junkies recovery program even if it was through on line/phone support. Peer groups are only a mouse click away. I am doing this on my own, and though its only been week two I feel a big difference. I am not craving crap anymore, and find I am able to navigate around the things that would grab and hook me, candy, cookies, breads etc. The book Food Junkies supported my own theory of sugar addiction, so its become a bit of a bible. THANK YOU! Please consider a program outside of the GTA area, because there are lots who would get behind something that would give them insight and possibly save lives.

  4. Except they are misleading people reading the emails and the website. They are primarily treating you for substance use and food addiction as the secondary. The way they put it out there is very misleading . Need to be clear and not get people falsely excited. That is not ok!

    • Dr. Vera Tarman says:

      I am so sorry that you got discouraged. You are right, those were the criteria. This is a pilot project so we had to start slow – this is housed in an addiction program and we wanted to make sure that people fit in with the larger program.
      However, the news is good – the criteria have just opened up to people who are dealing with ONLY food addiction. You no longer need to have a co-exisiting addiction – so why dont you try again?

  5. I just called to enrol in the Food Addictions program and did the first 15 minute intake conversation. Someone is calling later to get more detailed information from me. At this point in my life, I don’t really care if the program covers other types of addictions (although I would prefer it just be food, since I do not have other addictions). I just need to get in control of my food intake in an environment outside of my home and am grateful for any help Dr Tarman and Renascent can provide. 3 weeks of control under my belt would be simply amazing and something I have not had for years.

    Debbie; not sure if you will read this….I read your post and you mentioned wanting some remote (like online or phone support) for the Food Junkies program. I have launched an online tool for remote support called Binjio and you can register for it at So far I have no members 🙁 My binjio site enables text, voice and video chat and I made it solely for food addicts and people with binge eating disorder . I started it because I myself feel so alone and wished I had people to reach out to when I am in that moment of “ahhh I am going to binge!”, since I couldn’t find anything I built it myself. You are more than welcome to join it and be the first 🙂 While it is not based on Dr Tarman’s book I am certainly willing to adopt her approach and support you. I own Dr Tarman’s book but have not read it yet. Its on my to-do list.

    Anyway, I look forward to hopefully doing the 3 week program at Renescent!

  6. Norma Jean Calder says:

    I live in Fort Frances Ontario which is in the northern Ontarion 5 hours drive from any of the largest surrounding cities Thunder Bay-Winnipeg and Minneapolis. There are no OA meetings except by phone or recordings. I am reading your book as I am a food addict in early- mid stages. I am desperate to get help, from time to time.
    I have applied to come to Renecant House. I have gone thru the first 2 admission stages and have been waiting for a month, with weekly follows to get in contact with Margo. I receive NO responses even though the front line workers who get my calls promise that someone will get in touch.
    Can you please offer me some hope and support. I can’t get abstinent by myself. I have tried, obviously not hard enough but I want to.
    I just finished Lawerences Story and that is what prompted me to seek you out and found this blog/website.
    Help me please.
    807-2755832 cell. I pray that someone contacts me one way or another.
    Thank you to you and your team.

  7. I understood the food addiction pilot program would end in May 2016.

    How long till you discover if the pilot program for food addictions will continue to be funded after May ?

    Also any possibility of a shorter term program modeled after Acorn program in the United States?

    it is not possible for me at this point in time to book three weeks (21 days?) off work.

  8. Is the food addictions program still open? I would like to be involved.

    • Dr. Vera Tarman says:

      If you live in Canada, it is still open for you to apply until the end of August.
      Here is the info 38 Isabella Street
      Toronto, Ontario
      M4Y 1N1
      General email inquiries:

  9. There are far more people in society addicted to food than there are addicted to drugs. And the burden of food addictions on the health care system is as great (if not greater) than that of drug/alcohol/tobacco addictions. So why is there not more funding for programs to help fight the epidemic of food addictions?

  10. Any plans to extend this program to men? I got a loved one excited about this, but I did not have all the facts. I also read now that it was only possible to enroll until August.

    I guess if we keep reading your posts we will read the news if it opens up again?
    Thank you!!

    • Dr. Vera Tarman says:

      The free program has ended for now. Not sure about men – we are considering doing something fee for service in the future. We definitely NEED something though!

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