Struggling with a food addiction?
Need help detoxifying from sugar and flour?
Has junk food replaced cocaine or alcohol as your new compulsion?

Renascent’s Food Addiction program may be exactly what you need. Starting November 2017, Renascent will be opening its doors to help to the suffering food addict. Using an addiction approach, this unique program is more than just a way to loose weight or treat an eating disorder though both of these issues will be addressed.

Eligible clients will participate in Renascent’s highly effective addictions treatment program, receiving specialized menus designed by a credentialed dietician to support detox and reduce food cravings. Clients will also access specialized education, group and individual counselling to build a sustainable recovery program that acknowledges the role sugar, flour, grains and healthy eating plays in recovery.

At minimal cost, Clients can participate in Renascent’s 28-day or 35-day addiction treatment programs, which include 15 weeks of ongoing structured relapse prevention and family support.

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