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Renascent Food Addiction Program, Opening November 2017!

Do you… Eat to escape your feelings? Eat in secret? Think about food and your weight constantly? You’re not alone. Food addiction is real and recovery is possible. Call now to learn more about Canada’s only inpatient food addiction program for women, provided by Renascent, a national leader in addiction treatment: 1 877 230 2918 FREEDOM TASTES GREAT! Download PDF...

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A False Dichotomy: Is Addiction a Disease or Learned Behaviour?

By Vera Tarman MD, ABAM Is addiction a disease or learned behaviour? How about both? Many people seem to feel that addiction and learned behaviour are two separate entities. The battle between psychologists who use the operant conditioning model and physicians who use a biological model of disease seem to be arguing for different phenomenon of behaviour. However, I contend that they are actually talking about the same behaviour, just using a different language and a different explanation for the same dynamic. Essentially, the psychological dimension is the behaviour we see (i.e. actions), and the biological is the brain...

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NEWS!: OHIP covered GTA food addiction group.

NEWS!: OHIP covered GTA food addiction group. Want to go to an OHIP covered food addiction group? For more info: You will need your doctor to fill out this referral form: Soon: New group. An 8 week food addiction program. Run by MD and Food addiction facilitator June 7, 700 pm to  900 pm Wharton Medical Clinic, 658 Danforth Ave, Suite #402 (Pape subway) OHIP and fee of $100 for the 8 weeks($12.50 a session) To register, email:

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