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White Coat, Black Art, Sept 2017

  Most of us have, at one time or another, struggled to say ‘no thanks’ when it comes to food. It’s difficult to close the bag of chips or refuse the extra cookie. It’s no wonder that more than 14 million Canadians are considered overweight or obese. But is it possible that some of us are actually addicted to food, in the same way that a drug addict is addicted to cocaine? And if we are, would going to food rehab help? Annie Rosenberg of Vancouver thinks so. She is a self-confessed addict. Her drug of choice is refined and processed food....

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The Agenda, Dec 2015 Metro Morning, April 2016 Common Wealth Club May 2016: Canada AM, Jan...

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Dr Tarman in the media

Readers Digest , Feb 2017 Globe and Mail, March 2017. Vera Tarman on the commonality between food and drug addiction....

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