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  Written by: Mel Tonken   I have an amazing new trainer at my gym. She is helping me with balance, flexibility & strength. Her knowledge of of the musculoskeletal system, how muscles work, how one muscle can affect another & how small alterations in the way I do an exercise can make a profound […]

My Own Story

Written by: Mel Tonken   I saddened myself when I saw a T.V. commercial recently that is currently airing. A middle aged man uses his cell phone to tell his wife that he is on his way home & just can’t wait to get there. He steps through the door. In anticipation, his wife is […]

Addicted to food – Maclean’s

“Addicted to Food, A Memoir” by Vera Tarman, Macleans, January 11 2015 ‘Like many university students, I had an obsession with weight and food. Today, as a physician, I can see my favourite foods were like drugs.’

Sugar: The Bitter Truth- March 24, 2011 – Dr. Robert Lustig

Addiction and Trauma: A Personal Growth Experience with the Therapeutic Spiral Model

November 26 – Are You Having Trouble Controlling The Way You Eat?

October 19 – The Great Debate: Harm Reduction vs. Total Abstinence

Sept. 21 & 28 – OA Step Study, Peterborough  

Nov. 23 – Food Addiction & Biology of Spirituality Workshop

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