Author: Dr. Vera Tarman


  Written by: Mel Tonken   I have an amazing new trainer at my gym. She is helping me with balance, flexibility & strength. Her knowledge of of the musculoskeletal system, how muscles work, how one muscle can affect another & how small alterations in the way I do an exercise can make a profound difference in effectiveness of an exercise. She is a true professional and I respect her immeasurably. However, I had a discussion with her the other day about my personal struggles with food & eating, and she immediately had a number of strategies for dealing...

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My Own Story

Written by: Mel Tonken   I saddened myself when I saw a T.V. commercial recently that is currently airing. A middle aged man uses his cell phone to tell his wife that he is on his way home & just can’t wait to get there. He steps through the door. In anticipation, his wife is waiting for him, arms out, eyes closed, ready to be embraced. The husband rushes through the door, completely ignoring his wife, standing there with outstretched arms & runs straight into the kitchen, stopping in front of the table laden with food, saying something like,...

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