A False Dichotomy: Is Addiction a Disease or Learned Behaviour?

By Vera Tarman MD, ABAM Is addiction a disease or learned behaviour? How about both? Many people seem to feel that addiction and learned behaviour are two separate entities. The battle between psychologists who use the operant conditioning model and physicians who use a biological model of disease seem to be arguing for different phenomenon […]

Ask Dr. Tarman – Food Cravings

Question: I’ve often heard women talk about “cravings” during pregnancy, but I often crave salty foods like chips.  Not just a few chips will do,  I will eat a whole bag.  Is there something else I can do to get beyond this need for salt and carbs? Answer: The cravings that come with pregnancy may not be of […]

Starvation in Abundance

Dr. Taubes’ book, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It explains – from a hormonal point of view, why ‘fattening foods’ such as sugar and carbohydrates actually makes us hungrier.  You might expect that the fattening foods would fill us up. Not according to Dr. Taubes. If we are eating sugar, we […]

Did You Know?: Junk-Food May Change Brain

Files from CBC News Rats made obese on a diet of chocolate, cheesecake, pound cake and frosting couldn’t stop eating the rich food, even when they knew they’d get a shock. (CBC)Compulsive eating of rich food triggers some of the same addiction-like responses in the brain as heroin, a study on rats suggests. When U.S. […]

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