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Readers Digest , Feb 2017 http://www.rd.com/health/healthy-eating/how-to-quit-sugar/ Globe and Mail, March 2017. Vera Tarman on the commonality between food and drug addiction. https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/vera-tarman-on-the-commonality-between-food-and-drug-addiction/article34269932/?ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theglobeandmail.com&

A False Dichotomy: Is Addiction a Disease or Learned Behaviour?

By Vera Tarman MD, ABAM Is addiction a disease or learned behaviour? How about both? Many people seem to feel that addiction and learned behaviour are two separate entities. The battle between psychologists who use the operant conditioning model and physicians who use a biological model of disease seem to be arguing for different phenomenon […]

Want to learn how to be a real food addiction counsellor?

First International Food Addiction Training Program: Want to learn how to be a real food addiction counsellor? Check this out – starts Feb 2017: http://infact.is/

NEWS!: OHIP covered GTA food addiction group.

NEWS!: OHIP covered GTA food addiction group. Want to go to an OHIP covered food addiction group? For more info: http://whartonmedicalclinic.com/ You will need your doctor to fill out this referral form: http://whartonmedicalclinic.com/docs/WMC_CAMH_Fillable_referral_June%202016.pdf  

Proust Q and A: Renascent’s Medical Director on her 10 year anniversary!

A Solution for the Eating Disordered Mind

I am an eating disorder sufferer who had sought relief from my problems in every imaginable group, therapy, and medical treatment in Ontario. Despite an honest desire to recover, I struggled to find a solution, even in the 12-step program of Overeaters Anonymous. This was discouraging for me because, as a sober alcoholic in A.A., […]

Food Junkies has gone audible!

  Food Junkies – Read the Reviews! http://www.lilacreviews.com/review/food-junkies/#more-6520 Readeropolis  The Book Connection Natural Bri

Drug Addiction Periodic Table

Have a look at this periodic table for drugs – open link in post and click on the drug you want to learn about. Thanks to DetoxLocal! Detox Local’s Periodic Table of Drug Addiction

Is Food Addiction Real? A Review of Food Junkies

by Vivian Chow , MD I was given the opportunity to read and comment on this book when a colleague had to abandon the review. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the notion of food as an addiction. Junkies are addicted to heroin, crack, cigarettes, and alcohol. How could someone be addicted to […]

Buyer Beware: Training Programs for Food Addiction Counselling#1,

This is the first of two parts So you want to be a food addiction counselor? Good luck! Not long ago I had a conversation with a reporter who wanted to know where a food addict could go for help. Her article carried the sad but unfortunately accurate headline: “Little help for those with food […]

Dr. Tarman does not do individual food addiction consultations,Thanks.