Food Addiction, Obesity, and Eating DisordersHere is a poem submitted by a food addict. This is one illustration of what it is like to be a food addict. Can you relate? Is this someone you know?

Food is my drug, Purge is my addiction
How do I stop, this destructive affliction.

I inject three quarts of ice cream in my veins
Then I snort the Lays, polished off the remains.

This small binge has awaken the Beast Ana within,
Fuelling her fire, she’s about to begin

She grabs my hands and rustles through every rack.
She grabs what she can through her anxious attack

When the no vacancy sign on my chest flashes red
I sit still as the feeling of terror is spread.

Ana eats at my skin and she pulls on my neck.
She pokes at my thighs and calls me a wreck

She can’t hear my pleas, cause Ana’s not there
For how can she hear, if she made of despair?

So to silence her pokes and her prods at my soul
I must voluntarily offer this bitch all control

The running tap conceals my fate
As my two fingers, control my weight.

Addicted to food, surrounded by slop
With syringe in my hand, Ana tells me, “shoot up”.

by: Franca Reda