Dr. Vera Tarman has been praised internationally for her talks on the science behind addiction and her views on food as an addiction. She has plans to speak not only the Greater Toronto Area in 2011 but across the globe. The area of focus for her topics are:The Biology of Addiction and Recovery.

Get the medical view on how our brain works in our fear and pleasure centres; how and why we get addicted. How to “unplug” ourselves from addiction, especially through the 12 step program of action.

Dangerous Liaisons: Comfort & Food
Comfort eating has not medically been viewed as an Addiction Disorder. Is it? Get the medical view on how addiction, especially food addiction, works in the brain. Learn how we get wired to substances such as drugs and alcohol, and relate this to behaviors such as comfort eating and compulsive overeating. Learn how food is an addiction, just like any drug.

Look for future information regarding Dr. Vera’s upcoming workshops and speaking engagements by joining her on twitter. Dr. Vera has plans to speaking in New York, Iceland, Toronto and Barrie over the next few months.

Are you interested in having Dr. Vera speak at you conference or function? Please email info@addictionsunplugged.com for information.