, sustained mediaDr. Vera Tarman is known across North America for her success and expertise in the area of addiction. However, getting people to talk about and buy into the concept of food addiction has been a tad difficult. But she’s hoping her movement’s new identity and revamped website will go a long way in attracting more people to discuss, research and get treatment for food addiction.

I believe the new logo portrays a sense of openness. We want people to learn and talk about food addiction. Our goal is to unplug the myths about addiction as it relates to food and to empower people into recovery,” said Dr. Vera. A task that she openly admits will not be easy.

With over 1/3 of North America adults considered obese, there is no doubt the time for food addiction debate and discussion is now. And that is what Dr. Vera hopes the newly redesigned Addictions Unplugged website will do. will act as a portal for information and a forum for discussion among medical professionals, front line addiction workers and those affected by food addiction. The website will feature weekly articles on food addiction and related topics, a web video series, and social media interaction.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Dr. Vera and the Addictions Unplugged brand. Our company is going full steam ahead to help Dr. Vera gain exposure for food addiction. This isn’t some fad diet or toxic weight loss drug. We believe in what Dr. Vera is preaching and those are people we align ourselves up with,” noted Davis Gravelsins, Director, Sustained Media Group. They company has created the Addiction Unplugged’s new identity and helped to launch Dr. Vera’s vision.

Food addiction is not a battle that one person can defeat alone, there is power in numbers and the web can be a powerful tool to enhance relationships to fight addiction. Dr. Vera invites everyone to visit and to interact with her online via Facebook or Twitter.

The Power is Ours”.