Canada’s leading addiction doctor and addiction treatment facility have teamed up to create a duo of epic proportions. Dr. Vera Tarman is the Medical Director for Renascent Treatment Group, they specialize in offering their patients short, intensive and most importantly effective addiction rehabilitation. Based in Toronto, ON Renascent has help patients all over the country and the world recover from there drug and alcohol issues.

Renascent under the guidance of Dr. Vera has created the country’s leading after-care program so, no matter if you are a patient based in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver or St. John’s, the support of the program is never far away. “Optimally we want our patients to have access to our after-care and supporting options no matter where they are in the world. We have really been trying to incorporate the power of technologies over the past few years into our patient offerings,” says Cathy Barrick of Renascent.

“Along with the other members of the staff at Renascent I am always looking at ways to improve the treatment options at Renascent,” says Dr. Vera. Renascent is in the process of developing a food addiction recovery program with the help of Dr. Vera and Acorn. Dr. Vera Tarman is one of the world’s leading experts on food addiction and has brought the treatment expertise of Acorn with her to Renascent. “By adding food addiction treatment to the already established drug and alcohol programs, we will be better able to treat cross addicted patients,” say Dr. Vera. “Food addiction is often intertwined with other addictions and can become a major issue for a recovery drug abuser or alcoholic.”

The food addiction treatment program at Renascent has yet to be unveiled and however for more information on how Renascent and Dr. Vera can help please call 1-866-232-1212 or contact Dr. Vera directly using the contact form. And remember the Power is Ours, your recovery can start today.