Public Lecture hosted by MCC Church
Food Addiction: Does it Exist?
Is there a Solution for the Spiritually Minded Person?
Sunday, Sept 25, 2011, 1230 – 200 pm.
115 Simpson Avenue, corner of Howland and Simpson in the Triangle Room.

Are you worried about how much you eat? Do you prefer to eat alone because you eat differently then? Do you lie about how much you eat? Do you find that diets just don’t work for you…. that you end up eating more and gaining even more weight? If you answer yes to any of these…..You might be a food addict.

With over sixty percent of North Americans registering as overweight or obese, and with the percentage of dangerously obese people growing at an alarming rate, it is important to get the message out: some foods are dangerous and ADDICTIVE. Your struggles are NOT due to poor will power and lack of concentrated effort. You may be dealing with an addiction that is as powerful as alcohol or cocaine.

In her afternoon seminar, Dr. Vera Tarman, an Addictions Physician in the Toronto LGBT community, is intent to show you how particular food and eating patterns are addictive. She will illustrate this by giving a talk on the biology of addiction, as it pertains to specific foods and eating behaviour. This may be important information for you or a loved one who is struggling with their weight or their compulsive eating patterns. If you know the physical and psychological parameters of the problem, you have the potential for a lasting and effective solution. Once you treat comfort food as an addictive substance – if you are a food addict – you can take real control over your life. By applying the principles of addiction management, at no cost!, and by adding a spiritual solution – whatever higher power you choose…. Weight loss is the by product, and food sobriety and overall serenity is the end result.

If you think you might be a food addict, or if you are just looking for some educated thoughts on food, food addiction and why we eat for comfort… come to this seminar!