An addict will often claim that he or she has to reach a ‘bottom’ before they really quit their drug. The pain of the substance abuse is greater than the pleasure (even perceived pleasure) of the drug. What are you willing to do to avoid eating addictive foods?

One of the consequences of food addiction is morbid obesity. What are people willing to give up to avoid becoming obese?

A study found in Obesity, 2006 (OBESITY Vol. 14 No. 3 March 2006) found that people were willing to do quite a lot!

  • 46% of subjects reported that they would be willing to give up at least 1 year of life
  • 5% reported that they would give up 10 years or more of their life.
  • 30% of respondents reported that they would rather be divorced
  • 25% reported that they would rather be unable to have children
  • 15% reported that they would rather be severely depressed
  • 14% reported that they would rather be alcoholic.

The question the researchers did not ask: Were they willing to abstain from deserts and other comfort foods?

Are you?

Are you willing to call yourself a Food Addict?

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