On January 2, 2011 I decided to start the Atkins diet again after I had failed 5 years prior.  I weighed 295 pounds and was depressed and broken and addicted to drugs (in a relapse).

It was through Gods Power and Kent Altena’s videos that I kept fighting and believing.  Getting off meth was hard but not that bad.  The sugar on the other hand was indescribably horrible. The first month I cried at night and prayed in agony. So many emotions raced through my mind but I kept believing and counting carbs, going to church and watching his videos over and over and over.

Today I weigh 207 pounds. What I lost is all fat, no muscle! I gained muscle.

Today I am drug free, sugar (man made) free and starting up my business in real estate again.  I am a miracle and God used Kent Altena to help me.   My thanks to him, from the bottom of my heart!

-J. P.

BTW: I learned for me that when my drug addiction cravings are gone,  it is because I have my sugar addiction in check. I believe that ex-drug addicts would benefit from kicking their sugarhabit  also because their chances of relapse would be so much lower.  It’s sad to know that the way I ate lead me to relapse.