Written by:
Mel Tonken


Recent changes in food labeling requirements in Ontario, means that consumers looking at labels will easily be able to see the total amount of added sugar under the list of ingredients.

Until now, sugar has been hidden in a variety of ways, calling it high fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, rice syrup, cane juice, dextrose, fructose, lactose, sorghum – the list goes on. We know that simply looking at the carb count is misleading. It is the the amounts of added sugar in food products that is important, and manufactures have tried to mislead consumers with labeling that has not included the added sugars.

North Americans consume approximately 150 lbs. of sugar each year. 150 lbs. of sugar for each man, woman & child!

From as early as the 1970’s, sugar ( as well as simple carbohydrates such as flour which is immediately converted to sugar in the stomach) has been unequivocally proven to be the major cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease & atherosclerosis. We have been led to believe that the fat in foods is the problem but that is simply not true.

In his 1972 book ‘White, Sweet, and Deadly’, Dr. John Yudkin outlines the extraordinary ability of sugar to highjack our metabolism & our endocrine system, causing not only obesity, but a wide variety of many of these diseases. Unfortunately, just as food manufacturers tried to suppress this book, they have been unwilling to take responsibility for the horrendous damage this drug causes.

>Sugar is an addictive drug. Recent studies show how rats, when given the choice of cocaine or sugar, will choose the sugar almost 100 % of the time. Many of us are sugar addicts, without realizing it. Sugar plays havoc with our bodies (to say nothing of the mental twists which are common to other substance abuse problems) and often our solution to our dilemma is more sugar. The vicious cycle continues.

There is a solution.

The first step in combatting this disease is reducing the amount of sugar you consume. It is possible to do this now, since sugars, including the ‘hidden’ added sugars, are now clearly visible on labels. You will be shocked at the number of packaged foods that you can no longer eat! If you are a sugar addict, you will find that most cereals, all flavored yogurt & even some coffee creams are taboo. The good news is that stopping these sugars will bring you few cravings and healthy food plan will finally start working for you.