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GTA food addiction group. Outpatient food addition group

GTA food addiction group. Want to go to an outpatient food addition group? An 8 week group run by a certified Food Addiction Counsellor. cost: $125 for 8 weeks ($15.60 a session) Call for more details: Wharton Medical Clinic 658 Danforth Ave, Suite 402 (Pape subway)...

White Coat, Black Art, Sept 2017

  Most of us have, at one time or another, struggled to say 'no thanks' when it comes to food. It's difficult to close the bag of chips or refuse the extra cookie. It's no wonder that more than 14 million Canadians are considered overweight or obese. But is it...

NEWS! Renascent Inpatient Food Addiction Program open now.

Do you... Eat to escape your feelings? Eat in secret? Think about food and your weight constantly? You’re not alone. Food addiction is real and recovery is possible. Call now to learn more about Canada’s only inpatient food addiction program for women, provided by...

Dr Tarman in the media

Readers Digest , Feb 2017 Globe and Mail, March 2017. Vera Tarman on the commonality between food and drug addiction....

A False Dichotomy: Is Addiction a Disease or Learned Behaviour?

By Vera Tarman MD, ABAM Is addiction a disease or learned behaviour? How about both? Many people seem to feel that addiction and learned behaviour are two separate entities. The battle between psychologists who use the operant conditioning model and physicians who use...

Food Junkies has gone audible!

Food Junkies - Read the Reviews! The Busy Mom’s daily Readeropolis  The Book Connection Natural...

Dr Tarman in the media

Readers Digest , Feb 2017 Globe and...


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